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    90 Best Chicago Quotes and Sayings Famous as America’s Pulse

    Famous Chicago Quotes: The love for Chicago is so deep that it’s impossible, to sum up, the feelings about this beautiful city in a sentence or two. No one can deny the spirit of Chicago’s famous attractions, its amazing restaurants and its cheerful residents. A large number of famous folks or longtime residents have commented on this mesmerizing city which ultimately made Chicago Sayings Famous around the world.

    Let’s dwell into these amazing Chicago quotes and Chicago sayings famous by great people and authors.

    Famous Chicago Quotes

    Famous Chicago quotes

    “I 👉 adore 🏙️ Chicago
    It is the 💓 pulse of 🌁 America.”

    By Sarah Bernhardt

    famous chicago quotes

    “I’m impressed with the people from Chicago.
    Hollywood is hype. New York is talk.
    Chicago is work.”

    By Michael Douglas

    chicago sayings quotes

    “I am here, but my heart
    is in chicago.”

    Famous Chicago Sayings

    quotes in chicago style

    “I must confess a shameful secret:
    I love Chicago best in the cold.”

    By Erik Larson

    chicago quotes instagram

    is always a good idea.”

    chicago style quotes

    “Chicago is an October sort
    of city even in spring.”

    By Nelson Algren

    Chicago Sayings Famous Quotes

    chicago style quotes in text

    “I’m a
    chicago girl”

    chicago style citation quotes

    “Either you love Chicago,
    or you are wrong.”

    chicago movie quotes

    “But when I go to Chicago,
    I know I’m home.”

    By Hank Sauer

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