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If you are angry with someone and cannot convey your emotions, we have brought Deep Narazgi Poetry in Urdu. We have got you a fantastic collection of Naraz Poetry for Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband, and Wife, using which you will be able to express the pain of your heart.

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It is said that sharing your sad feelings causes it to relieve you, or else it will worsen your mental and physical condition. If you, too, have been offended in love and are angry with someone, then the only advice we can give is to express this emotion using Naraz Poetry.
You can share these 2 lines Narazgi Poetry in Urdu with your friends, relatives, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife. You can also use any social media platform, like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc., to share this Naraz Poetry in Urdu.

Narazgi Poetry in Urdu

narazgi poetry in urdu

تیری بات کو خاموشی سے مان لینا
یے بھی انداز ہے میری ناراضگی کا

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