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Why Love breakup status in Hindi? A breakup with your loved ones can be the most stressful and depressing experience in life. Whatever is the reason for the relationship split—the breakup can turn your whole world upside down and can cause all sorts of painful and despairing emotions. Being heartbroken, everything looks dull and over, but as this sad time passes, you realize there was an excellent hidden reason behind it. To deal with this challenging phase of our life, we at brings you the best collection of love breakup status in Hindi (ब्रेकअप स्टेटस इन हिंदी). Love failure quotes and dhokha status can be used to express your feeling and relieve stress in a better way.

If you are feeling down due to your love breakup, you can read and share our heartbroken brkup status with your friends or on social media. These breakup status for WhatsApp in Hindi or dhokha status are for everyone who is suffering from heartbreak. When a girl shares her breakup status in Hindi for boyfriend on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram, people not only become aware of her breakup but also understands her emotional feelings with the breakup. Some may approach her and console her accordingly. Similarly, when a boy shares his love breakup status in Hindi for girlfriend on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram, his friends and other people will solace him.

When someone gets cheated in a relationship, their heartbreaks and all the dreams get shattered. In such cases, one starts searching brkup status in Hindi like dhokha status (धोखा स्टेटस इन हिंदी), breakup sad status in Hindi, attitude status after breakup in Hindi, and many more. With; you can get many types of broken heart quotes that will save you from desolation. Our images of breakup status for WhatsApp in Hindi helps you to share your feelings with your friends. By using these breakup sad status in Hindi, you can think about your feelings and convey your sadness to the world in the unique style.

No matter how broken you are you can always choose our collection for breakup status for WhatsApp images like breakup status in Hindi for boyfriend, love breakup status in Hindi for girlfriend, love breakup status, dhokha status, friendship breakup status, etc. Whatever you select, the choice of specific breakup images, brkup status and quotes make a lot of difference. Even if someone has cheated on you, helps you to overcome your loneliness to handle yourself even after the breakup by providing you with these awesome collections of breakup attitude status in Hindi.

To fully recover from a breakup and move on, you need to understand reality and acknowledge life. The more you know how the choices you made, the better you’ll be able to recover—and avoid repeating them in the future. At we have a best heart break status in Hindi which you can share on your social media accounts or set them in your Fb, Instagram or WhatsApp Status. Also, you can use the love breakup images to express what you feel in a much better way.

We regularly update this website to make you feel better, so make sure you keep visiting our website whenever you feel lonely. Always be strong, happy and try to overcome the pain and suffering and live a joyful life.

Love Breakup Status in Hindi

love breakup status in hindi

उदास कर रही है हर रोज़ ये शाम
ऐसा लग रहा है जैसे
भूल रहा है कोई धीरे धीरे |

breakup status for whatsapp in hindi

Udaas kar rahi hai har roz yeh shaam
Aisa lag raha hai jaise
Bhool raha hai koi dheere dheere.

breakup status in hindi whatsapp

मुझे तैरना तो ज़रूर आता था
पर जब उसने मेरा हाथ ही नहीं पकड़ा
तब मुझे डूब जाना अच्छा लगा |

whatsapp breakup status in hindi

Mujhe tairna toh zaroor aata tha
Par jab usne mera haath hi nahi pakda
Tab mujhe doob jana accha laga.

breakup status in hindi font

शायद आपके बहुत नज़दीक पहुँच गए थे हम
इसलिए आपसे दूर होने में इतनी तकलीफ हो रही है हमें |

sad breakup status in hindi

Shaayad aapke bahut nazdeek
Pahunch gaye the hum
Isliye aapse door hone mein
Itni takleef ho rahi hai humein.

breakup sad status in hindi

तुझसे दूर जा कर मुझे सिर्फ ये फायदा हुआ है
के तेरे प्यार के साथ अब मुझे दर्द भी ज़्यादा हुआ है |

attitude status after breakup in hindi

Tujhse door jaa kar mujhe
Sirf yeh faayda hua hai
Ke tere pyaar ke saath ab
Mujhe dard bhi zyaada hua hai.

breakup whatsapp status in hindi

हमारे रोने की वजह बने है वो इंसान
जो कभी कहा करते थे के
आप रोते हुए अच्छे नहीं लगते |

friendship breakup status in hindi

Humare rone ki wajah bane hai woh insaaan
Jo kabhi kaha karte the ke
Aap rote hue acche nahi lagte.

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