90 Best New York Quotes that defines NYC City and its People


New York: the city that never sleeps is a kind of an emblem of the USA. It’s one of the most powerful, romantic, and memorable places to live on earth. have curated a collection of famous NYC quotes defining this crazy and enigmatic city. These New York quotes perfectly sum up this wonderful city on earth. With its crowded streets packed with all sorts of architectural glories, world oldest cafes, romantic destinations, magnificent artists, and some of the world’s best designers – NYC is a delicious delight.

Every neighborhood in New York offers an exotic version of the city, from the oldest Katz’s Delicatessen in the Lower East Side to the meandering and eccentric Greenwich Village street. These NYC quotes will give you sizzling experience while reading them throughout, making you fall in love with the city. We could pen thousand New York quotes, but luckily many famous people have articulated this city fantastically than anyone could ever do. These quotes about New York come from many innovative thinkers like Thomas Wolfe, Alexander Woollcott, Ayn Rand, and many more.

Here when the sun drowns behind the Hudson river and luminous high-rise buildings light up the night, New York transforms into a magnificent stage. Some of the quotes about NYC will cheer you up wherever you are in the world. People all over the globe consider New York as the melting pot. It is the people that make this city so mysterious and unique. These mind-boggling New York quotes explain why everybody loves this city, friendly, multi-colored, and multi-lingual.

You can download any New York quotes with images on our website and share them on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or Tik-Tok. Anyone can use these quotes according to their personality and moods like NYC quotes on smile, NYC quotes on life, quotes about New York, etc. These famous sayings and quotes will inspire positivity and happy feelings. Whether high standard or low culture, these quotes about New York embraces it all.

NYC holds some eternal landmarks like the empire state building, and the statue of liberty and New York quotes without these structures is almost impossible. We have highlighted these historical landmarks in the NYC quotes too, which depicts their beauty perfectly. You will be mesmerized by New York’s outstanding arts, cuisines, fashion, and nightlife. You can download our NYC quotes images for free and share it on social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or Tik-Tok with your friends and loved ones.

People love American culture and New York. Writers love to write about this city than any other city on planet earth. Whether you are looking for text-based quotes or New York quotes with images, at, you can find various quotes about New York effortlessly. These NYC quotes will brighten up your day and make you feel to remain in this city forever. If you like our New York quotes, do share it with your friends and family. For daily new updated quotes, please like our Facebook page and stay connected.

Best NYC Quotes

NYC Quotes about city

“One ☝️ belongs to πŸ™οΈ NYC πŸ˜‰ instantly.
One ☝️ belongs to it πŸ‘‰ as much in
five πŸ– minutes ⌚️ as in πŸ– five years.”

By Thomas Wolfe

New York Quotes about city

“London πŸ—Ό is πŸ‘ satisfied,
Paris πŸ™οΈ is πŸ‘Ž resigned,
but πŸ‘‰ New York πŸ—½ is
always πŸ‘Œ hopeful.”

By Dorothy Parker

Quotes about New York

NYC Quotes on Life

“There πŸ‘‰ is something πŸ€” in
the πŸ—½ New York πŸ’¨ air that
makes 😴 sleep πŸ‘ useless.”

By Simone De Beauvoir

nyc quotes for whatsapp

“You πŸ‘‰ haven’t lived πŸ‘Ž until
you πŸ’€ died in πŸ—½ New York.”

By Alexander Woollcott

New York Quotes

Quotes about New York City

“I would πŸ‘‰ give the πŸ‘ greatest
sunset πŸŒ‡Β in the 🌎 world
for one ☝️ sight of
πŸ—½ New York’s πŸŒ† skyline.”

By Ayn Rand

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