What is travel insurance and cancellation insurance


Do you travel regularly? Then consider whether a travel and/or cancellation insurance is useful. Read our tips for taking out these insurance policies.

The travel insurance 

Travel insurance entitles you to assistance in the event of an emergency. You have an accident or car breakdown abroad or you fall while skiing and have to go to the hospital. The costs that you then incur are often (largely) reimbursed. Read our checklist for taking out travel insurance.

Travel insurance and cancellation insurance
Travel insurance and cancellation insurance
  • Temporary or continuous travel insurance? A continuous travel insurance policy is cheaper if you go on holiday for at least three to four weeks a year. It’s also easy: you are always insured during your holiday. Don’t you go out that often? You can also take out temporary travel insurance. 
  • Europe or world coverage? The Europe coverage is of course sufficient if you do not leave Europe during your holiday. Check which countries fall under ‘Europe’. The world coverage comes in handy if you like to travel to faraway places. 
  • Insure medical costs abroad? Travel insurance often reimburses part of the medical costs you incur abroad. Check the status of your travel insurance
  • Do you practice a ‘dangerous’ sport? Winter sports, (deep sea) diving and parachuting are not always insured. Check what your insurer reimburses if you practice these sports and adjust the insurance if necessary. 
  • Car breakdown and replacement transport? Do you have a car breakdown or accident while traveling? Then of course you want to travel further. Check what your insurer arranges on this point. 

The cancellation insurance 

The cancellation insurance reimburses the costs if your trip is unexpectedly canceled or if you have to cut short your trip. The cancellation insurance pays out for:

  • Death or (serious) illness of the insured or a close member of the family;
  • Dismissal if you have a permanent job;
  • Forced to stay at home because, for example, you do not get a visa.

The differences per insurer are large. Check when your insurer pays out and when it doesn’t. Check out our checklist!

  • All reimbursed or a part? Do you have to end your trip in the meantime? In that case, most insurers only reimburse the ‘untaken’ vacation days. There are also insurers that reimburse the entire trip in that case.
  • Continuous or temporary cancellation insurance: As with travel insurance, you can also opt for continuous or temporary insurance. Find what suits you best.
  • Compound trip also insured? Some insurers do not reimburse costs if you have arranged the flight, hotel and rental car yourself. Then you will only receive a reimbursement if you have booked a package holiday. Check how this is with your insurer. 

Take out your insurance on time!

You can take out travel insurance all year round. This is usually not the case with (temporary) cancellation insurance. You sometimes have to close this within 1 to 2 weeks after booking your trip. Check the conditions of your insurer!

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