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    100+ Cool WhatsApp Funny Status in Hindi 2 line and One line

    (फनी स्टेटस इन हिंदी) Funny Status in Hindi for WhatsApp, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and Facebook is trending day by day, and people like to change their WhatsApp funny status in Hindi frequently according to their moods. These funny statuses for WhatsApp in Hindi can be set as a WhatsApp status with an image or on Facebook and Instagram.

    Social media is a part of our life in this digital era. Everyone has a smartphone in their hand, taking photos, sharing status, and posting them on social media accounts. Messaging is a huge part of people’s lives nowadays. The digital world we’re living in now allows us to connect and send messages to everyone all over the globe using Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. We all like to share and update our WhatsApp status every day.

    Hqwhatsappstatus.com brings you the cool WhatsApp funny status in Hindi one line and 2 lines, which can also be used for Facebook and Instagram. Using our website, you can share any funny WhatsApp status in Hindi with your friends and make them laugh. It’s fast; it’s easy and free. We also have many other statuses like funny love status in Hindi, funny attitude status in Hindi, funny Facebook status in Hindi, etc. WhatsApp is the best platform to express your emotions and feelings to your friends and family using WhatsApp funny status images. Share these funny images with your loved ones and make them laugh. Our list of WhatsApp funny status in Hindi 2 lines is ever-expanding, which is updated regularly.

    Laughter is always the best medicine to heal someone and what’s better than sharing a funny WhatsApp status in Hindi. We have spent years on research to bring you the absolute best WhatsApp funny status in Hindi one line and 2 lines. We assure you that your friends will like our statuses, and you will enjoy sharing our cool status images. Hqwhatsappstatus.com is accessible online anytime, so put your feet up and giggle with your friends, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, and loved ones.

    We love fun and would like to make you laugh and be happy. You can find some of the cool funny WhatsApp status in Hindi (फनी स्टेटस इन हिंदी), which you can set for your WhatsApp profile and make your friends go crazy. These statuses will surely refresh your heart and soul. Please keep visiting our website regularly and share our new Whatsapp funny status in Hindi language collection with your Friends, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, do share our website and keep connected with us on our Facebook page to get the latest funny status in Hindi every day.

    WhatsApp Funny Status in Hindi Language

    Funny Status in Hindi

    हल्दी 🤲 लगाने की उम्र है मेरी 😎 और लड़कियाँ 👉 चुना लगा कर जा रही 😜 है

    Haldi 🤲 lagane ki umar hai meri 😎 aur ladkiyaan 👉 chuna laga kar ja rahi 😜 hai !

    Funny Status in Hindi for Boys

    मैं AC 👉 की हवा खाने 😅 ATM जाता था , वो पैसे 💳 वाला समझ के 👍 सेट हो गई

    Main AC 👉 ki hawa khaane 😅 ATM jaata tha, woh paise 💳 waala samajh ke 👍 set ho gayi !

    whatsapp funny status in hindi language

    पढ़ाई 📚 लिखाई 🖊️ छोड़ कर खूब 🤾‍♂️ खेलो PUBG
    और बाद में 👨‍💻 नौकरी ना मिली तो 🍅🧅 बेचना SUBG

    funny status for whatsapp in hindi 2 lines

    Padhai 📚 likhai 🖊️ chod kar khub 🤾‍♂️ khelo PUBG aur,
    baad main 👨‍💻 naukri na mili to 🍅🧅 bechna SUBG.

    whatsapp funny status in hindi one line

    शुक्र है 🤦‍♂️व्हाट्सएप हिंदी 👉 में नहीं है
    वरना लास्ट सीन 💀 अंतिम दर्शन 😂 केहलाता |

    Funny Status Lines in Hindi

    funny status for whatsapp in one line in hindi

    Shukr hai 🤦‍♂️ Whatsapp hindi 👉 main nahi hai,
    warna last seen 💀 anteem darshan 😂 kehlata.

    funny status lines in hindi

    ताजमहल 🛕 ना बनाइये महंगा 💰 पड़ेगा
    मगर हर तरफ 👸 मुमताज़ बनाते 😆 रहिये |

    funny status in hindi one line

    Taj mahal 🛕 na banaiye mehenga 💰 padega
    Magar har taraf 👸 mumtaz banate 😆 rahiye.

    1 line status for whatsapp in hindi

    किस-किस का 🤷‍♂️ नाम ले अपनी 👉 बर्बादी में
    बहुत लोग आए थे 🤲 दुआएं देने शादी 🤵👰 में |

    one line funny status in hindi

    Kis kis ka 🤷‍♂️ naam lein apni 👉 barbadi mein,
    Bahut log aaye the 🤲 duayein dene shaadi 🤵👰 mein.

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